Hübriid seiklusrada, mis toetub osaliselt puudele ja postidele. Ideaalse lahenduse loomiseks projekteerisime nii, et higimull otsa ees.Toimiv aja kestva raja jaoks ei piisanud lihtsalt olemasolevatest puudest vaid kasutusele pidime võtma ka tehispostid. Lõplik lahendus sai ülimalt kvaliteetne ja pakub kohalikele turnijatele pikaks ajaks eneseületust ja lustimist.

The low adventure course is installed on 20 artificial posts. In addition, two 25-meter ziplines.
The complete solution includes a recreation area and bicycle park.
All built elements blend perfectly into nature.

Kiik, batuut, liumägi, pargipink, skatepark? Ei, hoopis Kaalepi seikluspark – korralik mänguväljak ronimishuvilistele. Seiklusrada toetub lisaks postidele osaliselt ka olemasolevatele mändidele, kuhu said laskumine ja raskemad elemendid paigaldatud. Hea seiklusraja ehitus sõltub väga paljudest erinevatest nüanssidest.

You don’t often come across adventure parks that look like giant towers. The most unique adventure park in Estonia, a 9-meter-high tower built on several wooden pillars has been set up here in Põltsamaa, at the summer mecca of WPark.

The climbing tracks are up in the trees with the height from 0.5m to nearly 15m above the ground. The trails are designed for both adults and children, and have different degrees of difficulty. Start with the low and simple slopes and work your way up. Each trail ends on the ground.

Adventure trails can be built all year round. The construction of the Miina Härma Gymnasium adventure trail took place in the month of January.

The children’s park was created primarily for climbers aged 2-8. The children’s park has two adventure trails and three descents.

There are seven higher education levels – study track and six advanced tracks. All trails start and end on the ground. The higher the track number, the higher and more difficult it is.


Vuokatti Adventure Park is located in the middle of beautiful nature. The park is easily accessible and is a short walk from the Vuokatti sports facilities.
The adventure park complies with AFNOR XP-902-1 and XP S52-902-2 standards recognized in the European Union.

In total, the Vuokatti high adventure trail consists of 9 trails of varying difficulty.

webpage: www.vuokatinseikkailupuisto.com

The adventure trail on Volmre street is a particularly good example of how to add more value to the environment. The course consists of 8 platforms, 17 different games, 2 ladders and a ziplines.

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