Active lifestyle enthusiasts

Through a creative approach, we can draw up new designs that match the location. The strength of our projects lies in our long experience and tried and tested solutions.

Collaboration with the customer sometimes offers the opportunity to create special solutions. Unique climbing areas, nets or ziplines, specially designed for the environment, are just the thing that make our eyes light up.

Who are we

In the 3Park team, we're all happy, active and enjoy spending time outdoors. We've all experienced how adventure trails constantly develop us, and have helped us grow.

There has to be a bit of adrenaline in movement and physical activity. It’s precisely this overcoming of fear, courage that the whole 3Park team shares.

And what we do

We are able to solve any technical problems when it comes to building on trees or artificial poles. In addition, we are constantly looking for new ways to make the trails even more exciting. Effective and high-quality solutions have been developed during a long development process.

We have built both in Estonia and abroad. Chances are, an adventure park you're already familiar with was made by us.

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