Frequently asked questions

We advise with our knowledge and skills to achieve the most versatile and best adventure trail.
Feel free to contact us and we will find the best solution for creating an adventure trail just for you!

How many adventure trails have you built?

Currently, we have built 148 low adventure trails and 12 high adventure trails abroad and 6 in Estonia.

Can I build an adventure trail if I don't have suitable trees for it?

Yes. Adventure trails can also be built on special artificial poles.
For example, the Löwenruh low adventure trail and the Põltsamaa wpark adventure trail are both installed on poles.

Why to choose an adventure trail?

The Adventure Trail offers a lot of value. Climbing trees and overcoming various obstacles is a kind of challenge and test that offers an activity that develops both body and mind

Can adventure trails damage trees?

We install tracks with special wooden protectors so that the load on the tree is minimal. We keep our tracks. Once a year we offer inspection to ensure the safety of the adventure trails and assess the condition of the trees.

How long does it take to build an adventure trail?

Depending on the size of the park. A medium-sized park is built in a few weeks. A big treetop park can take up to three months.

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