We have 16+ years of experience in building adventure parks.

We advise with our knowledge and skills to achieve a versatile and comprehensive adventure trail. Feel free to contact us and we will wind the best solution for you.

High adventure parks

Can you really make money grow on trees?
An opportunity to set up your own business for entrepreneurial people who want to create a lot of value for their customers. Inviting children to explore the great outdoors, families to enjoy quality time together and providing a proper challenge for the adventurous.

• We’ll build you an adventure park that blends in well with nature, with trails of varying difficulty and height.

• The trail can be built on trees or poles. We also build abroad!

• We use innovative security technology to ensure the safety of our customers while reducing labour costs.

Ready to make business boom already for the next season?

The number of projects per year is limited! Let us know about your vision early.
A 2-year warranty on our work + we will train your employee to be able to carry out simple repairs in the future.

We have 16+ years of experience in building adventure parks.

We have created Nõmme Adventure Park, Pirita Adventure Park, Valgeranna Adventure Park, Haapsalu Adventure Park and Põltsamaa Adventure Park.
We have also built 12+ adventure parks abroad, including in Japan.

Low adventure trails

Exciting and challenging adventure park games brought to a safe height and where you won’t get bored! Climbing develops balance, coordination, physical fitness and brain function. It’s super fun, too.

• We’ll draw up a free trail plan with pictures so you can see what’s coming.
• We’ll create a complete solution! A logical start and end, a soft base and instructional signs for the climbers.
• Permits and paperwork will be taken care of to make sure you are safe and secure.
• No climbing equipment is required.
• The trail consists of elements of varying degrees of difficulty to make it exciting for everyone.
• The trail can be built on both trees and poles, ensuring flexibility.

We have built over 130 low adventure trails across Estonia. and we have 16 years of experience in building and managing adventure trails.

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We care and maintain. We keep an eye on the trails to make sure they stay in good condition and safe.
Pictures of maintenance.
• We also provide maintenance ourselves, so that this important thing would not be forgotten.
• Depending on the location, a maintenance contract can be arranged to ensure peace of mind and safety.
• The number of inspections and maintenance cycles depends very much on the frequency of use.
• A high number of maintenance cycles ensures a long lifespan and safety.

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Lots of joy from a simple thing that develops both your body and mind.
A line placed between two trees on which you can walk, jump and bounce.
With the assisting ropes, you will have the opportunity to gradually develop and improve your sense of balance.

• Adventure trail style tree protectors.
• Colours that harmonise with nature.
• Durable balance line.

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A treat for any adventure trail. Everyone’s favourite which can also be installed in your own yard.

• Ziplines that actually work.
• Both children and uncles with beer bellies can participate.
• Durable solutions. The quality of mountain climbing equipment.

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Installation of swings

Everybody wants to swing or chill.
Giant swings, hammocks, regular swings. You can put anything between the trees.

• Fit in wonderfully with nature.
• You’ve never seen swings so high.
• The perfect gift for your loved ones.

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